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Allegro Dance Studio
Dance Studio

Allegro Music & Arts is proud to have its very own Dance Studio with fully functional Rehearsal Room facilities.

Courses available at our dance studio:
Ballet: Mdm Natalya Urazova (Head of Dance, Ballet)
Jazz Dance: Glamorique Arshad
Musical Theatre: Glamorique Arshad
Speech & Drama: Glamorique Arshad

At the Allegro Music & Arts School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our dance program begins with the exploration of body and movement for very young children and culminates in the Advanced 2 certificate and the high-level teaching certificate, both awarded by the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance in London.

Established in May 2008 and headed by the very talented Russian ballerina Madame Natalya Urazova, Allegro’s Dance Department offers dance and movement lessons for people of all ages. Dance and movement are important methods of self-expression that serve to develop a well-rounded person.

Allegro’s Dance Department has playgroup classes where children aged 2-5 are able to express themselves through movement and, in the process, gain an awareness of body, space and rhythm as well as absorb a love for dance and music. Classes are also available for the more serious study of classical ballet following the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance.

Students in Allegro’s Dance Department perform in dance recitals and choreographed dance shows at the school’s year-end concert as well as at various performances throughout the year.

Having trained under the rigorous discipline of the Russian classical ballet system since the tender age of nine, Madame Natalya qualified with a Diploma of Artist of Ballet from the Uzbek State Ballet Academy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and was registered as a full RAD teacher in 2003 while she was teaching in Kuching, Sarawak.

As head of dance, her aim is to develop a top-class ballet school in the Allegro Music & Arts School in Kuala Lumpur where she can share her vast experience with students so that they are well-equipped to reach a high level of classical dance.